2016 Calendar of Events


Jan 28-29Potter Gray Chinese Cultural Activities

  • CI at WKU art teacher was warmly welcomed by over 300 students in Potter Gray for Chinese art and culture introduction.

Jan 29Brownie Bridges Students Visit Confucius Institute 

  • The 2nd grade students learned Chinese calligraphy and drawing pictures of pandas on fans which the tour inspired them to ask a lot of great questions. The paper-cutting was a great challenge but they had so much fun to watch their works of art come to life.



Jan 29-Feb 20: Super Saturdays

  • For the next four weeks, 16 students from Bowling Green elementary schools registered in the Chinese Super Saturdays have learned Chinese language, paint and built a working Chinese lantern, did paper-cutting and made Beijing Opera Masks as well as Taiji Kung Fu fan which they were immensely interested in.

Feb 3-4: Potter Gray Chinese Culture Course Activity

  • CI at WKU art teacher held activities for over 150 students to paint Chinese Plum Tree, paper cutting, Chinese Calligraphy and the teacher shared short videos of the Chinese New Year.

Feb 8 -13: Chinese New Year Activities with Panda Express

  • A Chinese New Year celebration event was co-sponsored by the CI at WKU and the Panda Express on WKU’s campus which the event involved teaching the attendees how to make Chinese knots, paper-cutting, writing Chinese characters as well as a tea demonstration, there about 500 students stopped by and participated in the Chinese activities.

Feb 13: Chinese New Year Celebration of CI at WKU

  • President Gary A. Ransdell delivered speech to the audience of over 200 people to celebrate Chinese new year.  The event took place at the Augenstein Alumni Center, where the attendees shared a traditional Chinese meal, and great conversation.

Feb 12-29: Dishman McGinnis Elementary School Chinese Culture Course Activity

  • CI at WKU art teacher and 100 students participated in activities to learn how to say and write Happy New Year and do paper cutting (Monkey).

Feb 18-19: Chinese cultural demonstration in Central City Elementary School

  • Three teachers from the CI at WKU, along with the CI mobile unit, set up booths of Chinese calligraphy, chopstick demonstrations, and tours of the mobile unit for the whole school (about 500 students).



March 5 – 14Gatton Academy of Western Kentucky University visit China

  • Twelve students from the Gatton Academy of Western Kentucky University, ranking No.1 among American high schools started their trip to China mainly focused on two themes; (1) China’s energy policy, and (2) construction between China and the United States. In 2015 the students visited the High School affiliated to Tsinghua University, and this year the Gatton Academy visited the High School affiliated to Shanxi University, both with the aim of establishing a link between high school students of China and the United States.

March 7 – 14: AGM at KUNA invites the CI at WKU

  • CI at WKU teachers were invited as native-speakers to businessperson, as part of AGM at KUNA, which exposes 200 high school students of the challenges and opportunities which are present when studying and working globally.

March 16-17: Adair County Elementary School Chinese activities

  • CI at WKU teachers were invited to set up the CI Mobile where more than 1,000 students visited the mobile unit for the two days.

March 23: Movie Night

  • CI at WKU held a Chinese movie night, where The Knot was shown by more than 20 students.  The movie obtained a lot of awards, like the Golden Horse.



April 7, and 15Housing Authority Program visited the CI at WKU

  • More than 50 students from the Housing Authority Program visited the CI on April 7th and 15th. Chinese calligraphy and paper folding were demonstrated during the visit.

April 13: Boys and girls club visited the CI at WKU

  • CI at WKU Chinese teachers provided tours and fan paintings to over 20 students who came to the CLC for the third time.

April 14: WKU Leadership 200 Class visited the CI at WKU

  • More than 30 students visited the Chinese Learning Center of the CI at WKU where they learned how to write Chinese calligraphy.

April 15: Tarmac Elementary school visited the CI at WKU

  • More than 22 students visited the Chinese Learning Center of the CI at WKU. They were so excited and learned a lot about the Chinese culture and language.

April 19: Dr. Wei-ping Pan (CI Director) Delivered a Speech at BLCU

  • A lecture entitled “Confucius Institute and the Development of Western Kentucky University,” was delivered by Professor Wei-Ping Pan at Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) with over 50 students majoring in Chinese as a foreign language for our WKU’s MAT degree. Dr. Pan introduced the Confucius institute at WKU, Chinese Culture Experience Mobile, Confucius classroom program, Chinese Cuisine Exhibition Mobile, etc. The seminar helped the students have a deeper understanding of the Confucius Institute at Western Kentucky University and raised their interest to join our program.

April 22: Potter Gray Elementary School visited the CI at WKU

  • More than 30, first grade students visited the CLC with their teacher Ms. Keriann Pratt.  Ms. Pratt said these colorful cultural activities organized by CI all had won great attention in the area of Bowling Green.



April 30-May 4: The CI at WKU Teacher Training Program was held in BLCU

  • Drs. Kay Gandy and Rebecca Stobaugh from WKU’s School of Teacher Education gave teacher training to 12 teachers from all over China for 5 days. The training was aimed at preparing the Chinese teachers to have a good command of the Kentucky Standards for World Language Proficiency, and Framework for Teaching to help them put together the portfolios needed for Kentucky certification.

May 3:Confucius China Study Program – Approaching Chinese Contemporary Art” in 2016

  • The CI recruited twelve American artists, curators, Museum directors, and academia, took a trip to China in conjunction with the 798 Art Zone.  While in China they visited the CI Headquarters, China Central Academy, the 798 Art District, Xi ‘an Academy of Fine Arts, China Art Museum, Today Art Museum, Xi ‘an Art Gallery, the Ullens Center for Art, Haibo Studio which can represent the overall situation of Chinese contemporary art institutions.  In addition, face-to-face conversations were held with Xu Bing, Yin Jinan, Su Xinping who are well-known Chinese artists which helped to enhance China/America cooperation.

May 11: Christian Health Care Center teaching Chinese calligraphy

  • The Chinese teachers of the CI at WKU were invited to teach Chinese calligraphy for nearly ten elderly individuals in the Christian Health Care Center.  They were very interested in Chinese cultural and calligraphy and looked forward to other Chinese activities.

May 15: CI at WKU Delivered a Speech with Chinese teachers in Taiyuan, China

  • Dr. Wei-Ping Pan and Director Yiqing Li from Shanxi Provincial Education Department, came to Taiyuan’s Second Foreign Language School to have a talk with more than 60 Chinese teachers from 12 top high schools in the city of Taiyuan. Dr. Pan introduced the CI at WKU about the progress on CI management, development, operations and the future plan. Meanwhile, two Chinese teachers who passed the Hanban Selection Test and are coming to Kentucky in July 2016 gave a clear introduction about the content and procedure of the Hanban Selection Test.



June 13-26: Trinity High School Confucius Classroom “Exploration of Chinese Language and Culture”

  • The troupe consisted of 20 chaperons and students from Trinity High School Confucius Classroom had completed a 14-day visit and study in China. The group had visited Beijing and Shanxi, which was organized by NCEPU. Shanxi has the fame of “Ancient China’s Exhibition” among which has the riches abundance of architecture, which accounts for over 75% of the country’s artifacts.

June 14: Owensboro Cub Boy Scout Camp

  • At the Yellow Park in Owensboro, teachers from CI at WKU showed Chinese culture to over100, fifth grade students, which the coordinators, parents and students were very excited and grateful to have a real Chinese cultural experience.

June 15: The CI Mobile was Invited to Attend the Kentucky Dam Global Symposium

  • Sponsored by the Kentucky Department of Education, the teachers of CI at WKU delivered a lecture about the Visiting Teacher Program to over 120 conference attendees, in which the CI mobile was also on display. Some principals were very interested in piloting a Chinese program in their school next year.

June 18: All-in-Block Party

  • CI at WKU team presented Chinese culture to 200 participants at the Tropicana Casino Lawn, Evansville, IN, which was sponsored by Literacy Center, Indiana Humanities, and the Indiana Department of Education.



July11: MOU signed between the CI at WKU and Open University in Beijing, China

  • The CI at WKU and Open University are willing to start the cooperation of the E-learning Chinese Program in the coming year.

July 18: Ten New Visiting teachers of CI at WKU Participated in a One-Week orientation at BLCU

  • The 10 newly enrolled teachers of the CI at WKU participated in a one-week orientation before they departed to the WKU due to the deadline of the pre-school training in July 25th.

July 25-Aug 1: 37 teachers of CI at WKU for 2016 Academic Year have Two-Week Orientation

  • Aside from the 6 Hanban Volunteer teachers of the “1+2MAT” program, the 37 teachers participated in a two-week training about acclimation to the American classrooms as required by the Kentucky Department of Education.

July 31: Dr. Wei-Ping Pan Delivered a Speech at the CI Chinese Director’s Meeting at Nankai University

  • This is the consecutive forth year for Dr. Pan to be invited to deliver speech for the new CI Chinese Director’s being deployed worldwide. The content for this year is how to manage a CI and some good examples of the CI at WKU.



Aug 15-29: Mr. Charles Proffitt visit 13 School districts

  • Mr. Proffitt visited Adair County, Barren County, Butler County, Cloverport, Daviess County, Hardin County, Logan County, Meade County, Metcalfe County, Muhlenberg County, Simpson County, Todd County, Louisville, and Warren County.  During his visits, he discussed the current teacher assignments and Confucius Classroom opportunities.  He also spoke with the school Superintendent’s, points of contacts and principals about their needs for additional teachers and new Confucius Classrooms beginning in 2017.  During these visits, districts were informed of the new changes made at the Confucius Institute at WKU, as well as the inclusion of the YCT in late spring for all students taking Chinese.  Mr. Proffitt informed the districts this will be the yearly exam given as a measurement of Chinese proficiency and that each district would receive exam results.  He also informed the districts about the ongoing work in developing a Kindergarten – 12th grade fully articulated Chinese curriculum. Lastly he provided each district with a schedule of teacher visits and would inform them of all 37 classroom observations.

Aug 17: Delegates from Zhongnan Minzu University Visited the CI at WKU

  • The delegation visited CI Mobile, CLC and had a meeting with Dean Evans from WKU’s College of Education who introduced the 1+2 program. The Vice-President Mr. Miao was very interested in signing an MOU with the CI at WKU in various fields, including the exhibition of minority culture, etc.

Aug 20: CI at WKU Participated in the Owensboro Multi-Cultural Festival

  • The CI at WKU had two booths on display to share the Chinese culture including calligraphy, lanterns, Chinese zodiac, information table and games in China. The CI at WKU’s mobiles for culture and cuisine also joined the festival, in which the “Chinese food truck” has completed its debut in the US.

Aug 23: President and Ms. Ransdell Conducted a Welcome Reception for the CI Teachers

  • Dr. Ransdell highly praised the Hanban Chinese teachers for their contribution to Kentucky’s students which broadens their international vision and obtain global competition. He also delivered his sincere gratitude to the principals, superintendents and host families for their constant support of the CI at WKU.

Aug 24: Twenty-five Students from “Chinese Archaeology” visited the CLC

  • More than twenty-five students at WKU, who took an “Chinese Archaeology” class, visited the CLC, which broadened their knowledge about the ancient China and aroused their interest to Chinese language.



Sep 2-3: The CI at WKU’s Attended the 17th Annual WorldFest in Louisville

  • On the Belvedere in Louisville, overlooking the Ohio river, the CI at WKU built a 30 X 30 foot tent to show a variety of authentic Chinese culture, and there were more than 150,000 people who attended the festival.

Sep 10: The CI at WKU Successfully Defended Its Championship

  • The CI at WKU won the Open Division championship for the 2nd time, meanwhile, St. Francis Schools Confucius classroom won the championship in the Scholastic Division (high school competition). The CI at WKU set up 20 booths, the “Chinese Cultural Experience” and the “Confucius Mobile Kitchen.”  In addition, the CI invited the “Amazing China” art troupe to give a performance to entertain approximately 5,000 participants in attendance.

Sep 10: The CI at WKU Celebrated the Moon Festival

  • In order to let WKU students visually see and feel the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, the CI at WKU set up two booths at the entrance of library to demonstrate traditional Mid-Autumn food and the legend of Chang’e flying off to the moon. The CI at WKU had teachers there explaining the event to the visiting students.  It attracted over one thousand students coming to visit and study the festival.

Sep 12-16: Amazing China Performance Troupe Visit Various Schools

  • In order to make Confucius classroom students at the CI at WKU feel the Chinese traditional culture, and to further enhance their interest in learning Chinese, the CI invited performers from Amazing China to perform in ten primary and middle school campus, like Bristow Elementary, Richardsville Elementary, Alvaton Elementary, Todd County Central High School, Adair County Middle School, David T. Wilson Elementary School, Meade County High School, Frederick Fraize Elementary/William Natcher Middle & High Schools (Cloverport Independent Schools), and Adairville Elementary School (Logan County) to perform Beijing Opera, and magic. The show was a great success, attracted over 7000 students, teachers, and community residents to enjoy.

Sep 15-17: Members of the CI at WKU attended KWLA Conference (Kentucky World Language Conference)

  • Held in the Crowne Plaza Airport Conference Center, Louisville, Kentucky, teachers of the CI at WKU attended the state conference and had updates on the current Chinese teaching technologies and theories. Dr. Ke Peng, associate professor at Modern Language of WKU, past president of KACLT, introduced Chinese Dual Credit program to the high school Chinese teachers.

Sep 23-25: The CI at WKU Held a Professional Development Training for 40 Hanban Teachers

  • The CI at WKU’s annual large-scale Chinese language teacher training which was held in the Holiday Inn University Plaza. Over 40 Chinese teachers from more than 20 counties all over Kentucky took part in this great two-day training program. The training consists of seven large courses, covering Classroom Management, E-portfolio, Student Engagement, Projected Based Classroom Management, Instructional Strategies, Formative/ Summative Assessment, YCT marketing and Project Based Student Engagement. During the training process, both experienced and novice teachers showed great enthusiasm to share their insights and ideas on teaching Chinese as a second language, which created an inspiring atmosphere for all of them.

Sep 24: The Confucius Institute Day in Bowling Green International Festival

  • The CI at WKU moved all the Confucius Day celebrating activities to the site of the Bowling Green International Festival to give local residents an opportunity to experience Chinese paper cutting, calligraphy, traditional costumes and so on. There were 20 booths set up by the CI at WKU among 160 booths showing different cultures in the festival. All these kinds of activities, together with the Chinese teachers’ explicit explanations, attracted crowds of local residents to participate and every booth was crowded with.  It is reported that the number of visitors to this year’s Bowling Green International Festival exceeded 15,000.



Oct 19Chinese Director of CI at Middle Tennessee State University visited CI at WKU

  • Director Zhao Yingzhen and two teachers visited CI at WKU.  Ms. Zhang Wenhui introduced the Chinese Learning Center. Dr. Zhao gave the center a very high praise. After then, Ms. Zhang led Dr. Zhao’s group to visit the Model CI, where Mr. Terrill Martin showed the design details to Dr. Zhao.

Oct 17-31: Teacher observations

  • Mr. Proffitt conducted 14 teacher observations, 5 teacher visits, and 6 KTIP meetings and he also reviewed 11 Teacher lesson plans for the development of the CI at WKU’s articulated K-12 curriculum project.

 Oct 26-31: Professional Development for CI teachers

  • Mr. Proffitt set up an online training through Adobe Connect – the WKU platform to use for CI teacher meetings, online learning, and webinars.

Oct 28: “East Meets West”- Halloween Festival celebration

  • With the arrival of Halloween, the CI at WKU held an “Understanding of Chinese Opera,” where participants learned to decorate their own opera mask.  The activities were divided into three parts including Chinese opera lectures, Peking Opera production, traditional Chinese clothing rent, which nearly a hundred students participated.



 Nov 5: Chinese Cultural Visit to Village Manor

  •  Seven Chinese teachers at the CI at WKU drove to Village Manor community to show the Chinese culture of Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting, Taiji, chess, and paper cutting, attracting about 30 local residents.

Nov 14: Holiday Tree Decoration Competition by CI at WKU

  • Since the middle of October, the CI at WKU launched a prize contest for WKU organizations, department, and groups that consist of faculty, staff, students, and community members.  Each group was asked to design a tree representing their organization, a cause, or purpose. The exhibition aims to showcase the diversity of cultures, special undertakings and major festivals in the world for a variety of topics. A total of seven entries were received and exhibited at the Chinese Learning Center, in which over 2,700 viewers participated in the online voting ballet and one first-place prize was given.  The winner was announced on 11/14, which was the National Dance Education Organization – WKU Student Organization

Nov 12-20: Thanksgiving visit of CI Chinese teachers

  • Before Thanksgiving Day, Dr. Pan and Ms. Li Bo went to various school districts to visit the teachers of CI at WKU. They talked with the teachers about their work and life. They brought their sincere gratitude to the teachers for their hard-work. The two directors also visited several school district superintendents and principals from whom they received high praise and evaluation of the Chinese teachers.

 Nov 18-Nov 20: CI at WKU held exhibition in ACTFL, Boston 2016

  • Founded in 1966, ACTFL is a society of foreign language teachers, foreign language teachers and related educational institutions. Its main purpose is to promote language teaching, to provide language-related professional development opportunities, and to establish high-quality English language courses, Language teaching standards and publishing language professional books and periodicals of the development of language teaching resources. In the exhibition, two booths were set up by CI at WKU to explore and share experiences with Chinese and foreign teachers, and to gain fresh perspectives from colleagues’ sharing which injected a fresh view into the Chinese teaching and culture promotion for CI at WKU in the future.

 Nov 20-Dec 9: Kentucky Students Take the YCT (More than 1,100)

  • In order to gauge the proficiency progress of the Chinese teaching and improve the quality of Chinese teaching, the CI at WKU uses the YCT examination as the tool to measure Chinese language teaching quality. It involved 15 schools, over 1,100 students, and the whole process took less than one month from the start of the test which reflects the high efficiency of CI at WKU and teachers’ professionalism.

 Nov 29-Dec 2: Xiyuan Hospital CACMS delegation visited Kentucky

  • A Xiyuan Hospital delegation arrived in Kentucky after one and half years of communication by the CI at WKU which has substantial achievements within their two-day visit. They visited two local hospitals, one of which is the seventh largest in the United States, the Owensboro Regional Health Hospital and delivered speeches at both places. In addition, they met with local Chinese doctors for a face-to-face information exchange of Chinese medicine in the United States and development prospects. The five doctors from Xiyuan Hospital were warmly welcomed by local people, and Owensboro Regional Hospital had great enthusiasm for Chinese medicine that they hoped to find a use for alternative treatment method.  The hope was that the hospital leaders and doctors would cooperate with Xiyuan Hospital in the near future.




 Dec 8: The conclusion of all 43 CI teacher evaluations

  • With comprehensive planning, professional development, and support, 43 teachers of CI at WKU showed their excellent performance commensurately with Kentucky American teachers.  The evaluation system was established by the Educational Professional Standards Board for the purpose of evaluating new teachers in Kentucky, and is based upon the Charlotte-Danielson Model.  With this tool, teachers are scored in four domains, with 22 components.  Teachers are rated in one of four categories: Ineffective, Developing, Accomplished, or Exemplar.  Within each category, one of three levels can be assigned based upon the observation and evidence provided by the teacher.  Based upon the rank within each domain, an overall ranking is awarded based on the totality of the observation and evidence.  We are happy to announce that 66% of teachers performed at or higher than a level 5 which is considered the average.

 Dec 9: Meeting with Harbin Normal University

  • The two sides exchanged views on the 1 + 2 MAT project and the Chinese teacher selection and HNU hoped to have more extensive cooperation with CI at WKU.

Dec 10: The 11th Global CI Conference at Kunming

  • Dr. Pan and Ms. Li Bo attended the conference and listened to the reports on the future development plan of Confucius Institutes led by Vice Premier Liu Yandong and Minister of Education Chen Baosheng. Dr. Pan made a presentation on “How to link up CTCSOL and Kentucky Teacher Certification Standards” at the Local Teacher Training Forum. Ms. Li Bo attended the meeting of the Chinese Directors convened by Vice Minister of Education Hao Ping.

Dec 12: Dr. Pan visited Shanxi Province and delivered keynote speech

  • Dr.  Pan joined Shanxi education community to discuss the Chinese teachers’ selection and 1 +2 MAT project, and delivered the keynote speech to teachers and students of Taiyuan Second Foreign Language Institute on the theme of “Why Should You Choose to Study in the United States.”

Dec 13-14: WKU Delegation Visited Chinese Testing Institute (CTI), Beijing

  • At the invitation of CTI/Hanban, the four-member delegation from WKU led by Dean Evans conducted a two-day evaluation on “How to link up CTCSOL and Kentucky Teacher Certification Standards”. They met with experts from Peking University, Beijing Normal University, East China Normal University, Beijing Language University and CTI which conducted in-depth exchanges. The two sides were very satisfied with the outcome of the meeting. Mr. Proffitt of CI at WKU drafted the meeting memorandum for the two sides to follow up in the future.

Dec 14: Dean Evans met with Tongji University

  • With the introduction and potential projects of CI at WKU with Tongji University led by Dr. Pan, and Dean Evans exchanged views on the 1 + 2 MAT project.

 Dec 14: Meeting with Dean MA Jianfei of Hanban

  • Dr. Pan briefed the main work of the CI at WKU to Dean Ma of Hanban, then they discussed 2017 Chinese teachers’ selection, 2017 Model CI Conference and Local Chinese Teachers Project for 1+2 MAT students which all obtained great support from Dean Ma.  Director Zhao Yanqing from Teachers Division, Director Duan Li from Finance Department and Ms. Li Bo also joined the meeting.