Confucius China Study Programs

2014 “Understanding China – “Educational Leadership”

  • Second, the CI at WKU became the first CI to receive its own program as it invited a total of  11 individuals to Beijing Language and Culture University entitled, “Understanding China, Educational Leadership.”  The group consisted of three Kentucky Superintendents, Dr. Charles Proffitt, Dr. Nannette Johnston, and Dr. John Millay, along with principals and administrators (Mr. Darius Barati, that support the CI’s Hanban Teacher Program.  In China, the delegation was able to meet with the incoming teachers, BLCU administrators, and officials to get a better understanding of leadership and teaching practices in China, which would allow the Kentucky administrators to assist with the teacher acclimation process.  It was very education from both perspectives, as the administrators presented to the Chinese delegation on leadership and teaching practices in the U.S., specifically, Kentucky.

2015 “Understanding China – “Business Leadership”

  • The CI at WKU led a group of school Superintendents, principals, and teachers, on a program entitled “Understanding China – Classroom Leadership Strategies.”  Based on the positive results from 2014 trip, the CI at WKU was again approved for the 2ndannual “Understanding China – Business & Medical Leadership.”  A total of 19 individuals made up the group, consisting of local Business Leaders/Professionals (CEO, VP’s, etc.), WKU Professors, Superintendents, Medical Professionals, and Banking Professionals.  The trip took place from June 4th through June 15th, 2015, which will take the group to Beijing and Shanghai, China.

2016 “Understanding China – “798 Contemporary Chinese Art”

  • The focus of 2016 CCSP will approach Chinese contemporary art for the first time. The emphasis of the project group is to learn about the current situation and characteristics of Chinese contemporary art, jointly research on its dynamic core, and look for the difference of the vitality of Chinese contemporary art with that of traditional art, as well as with that of Western art. It will promote the communication and interaction between the Eastern and Western contemporary art. Meanwhile, we think true arts could exist in remote villages or backward places since real artistic works should reflect the reality with experiences and true life. It has both grand prospect and delicate implication, and both masculine beauty and gentle mood. Therefore, this CCSP will add a new element— Xi ‘an and make everyone fully experience the long history, culture and remarkable artistic achievements in Xi ‘an , and in the meanwhile find out the source of the vitality and creativity of Chinese contemporary art.